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Why Organisations Choose Us

Hands On Approach

We really care. NFP is dedicated to building a better New Zealand and we know the crucial part your organisation plays in this. Our goal is to always leave you better. We take a hands-on approach and do the doing where it needs to get done. We add true value by growing capacity in your skill and knowledge so you can best serve those you support.


We understand that for many not-for-profit organisations, professional services are simply out of reach. At NFP we truly believe in strengthening the not-for-profit sector. That means we ensure our services are accessible to you. You are doing New Zealand's most important work so we want to help ensure you can undertake it with the comfort of sustainable revenue.

Full Spectrum Services

Because of the experience of NFP, chances are we've seen your opportunity or risk before. Our services run across fundraising, communications, marketing and change management. We have the ability to support you in whatever way you may need. We don't just provide advice, we can do what needs to get done.

Fundraising: List
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