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Who We Are

NFP is dedicated to building capacity in New Zealand's not-for-profit sector

Our vision is for New Zealand’s not-for-profit sector to be sustainable so the important work it undertakes can be best served.

We know you’re busy delivering your services and sometimes undertaking fundraising and communications can be a challenge when you’re stretched. Lack of resource and having solid systems and processes in place can affect your ability to most effectively fundraise and communicate to your donors and prospects. Figuring out too, which fundraising areas are really best for you to target and how to do it can also be time consuming.

Having strong fundraising and communications programmes will ultimately help you to create more impact. That’s where we come in. We are specialists at understanding your greatest challenges and opportunities and then building and implementing a pathway to success. We create effective solutions by really getting to know you, valuing your uniqueness and working alongside you to share our skill and knowledge so you are empowered to work more effectively in the fundraising space.

We focus on harnessing opportunity, streamlining activity, problem-solving and generating systems and processes that deliver sustainable revenue generation. We also do the doing in the areas you really need help with. We know that can be the hard part.

By setting you up for ongoing fundraising success, you will generate higher and more sustainable revenue, which will ultimately allow you to best fulfill your purpose. That’s what we want to happen.  If you think you need a fundraising consultant, we're more than that. NFP doesn't just provide advice, we journey with you. 

We have experience working with and in dozens of organisations from Christchurch, Canterbury and around New Zealand, so we have the knowledge to support you in whatever way you may need. Our goal is to always leave you better so can create your own success.

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Our Team

Kylie Malin

NFP is led by not-for-profit sector expert, Kylie Malin. Kylie has worked in the sector for more than ten years and in that time has supported over 40 organisations to help them achieve their goals. Kylie is a specialist in all not-for-profit fundraising streams, communications, marketing and change management. Kylie has personal experience of needing not-for-profit support, which gives her genuine empathy and understanding of the importance of the sector. Her goal is to add true value to your organisation by growing capacity in your skill and knowledge.

Kylie is particularly passionate about strengthening the health and disability, social services, mental health, children's services and sporting sectors.

"I use a hands-on approach to support organisations on their individual journeys. I firmly believe that having a true understanding of an organisation allows me to find opportunity that can be easily harnessed. I take pride in creating solutions that can be implemented by your organisation, which will support you now and long into the future. My focus is on building capacity to create real and systemic change in the not-for-profit sector." - Kylie Malin

Who We Are: About

Our Values

Who We Are: Services


Putting those we work with and the people and causes they serve first in our actions and communications.

Strong Relationships

Building long-term relationships so we have a deep understanding of those we support and the people and causes they serve by working within their organisations


Empowering the not-for-profit sector to be sustainable by working alongside organisations to educate them and share our knowledge and skill


Helping organisations to see and harness their strengths to create strong pathways for success

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