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Fundraising Services

Readying your orgnisation for successful fundraising; review and/or set up of fundraising streams that will work for you

Develop and implement tailored operational fundraising strategies

Fundraising audits

Process creation, stewardship planning

Donor prospecting, profiling

Database setup, review, analysis and support
Advisory services around access to funding
Develop and implement major donor strategy 
Develop and implement bequest strategy 
Develop and implement corporate sponsorship strategy 
Develop and implement trust and grant strategy 
Develop and implement annual appeal and regular giving strategy 
Develop and implement general/emergency campaigns 
Develop and implement direct mail campaigns 

Develop and implement retention and acquisition campaigns

Develop and implement tailored capital fundraising strategies

Develop and undertake feasibility studies
Relationship management
Emergency organisational management advice
Endowment funds

Fundraising Services: About
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